Why MQA?

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Because MQA is a true paradigm shift, here and now. It really does "take you there" to the emotional content, the expressions, the nuances, the textures, the foundation, the intent of the artists known as musicians; the heart and soul, the hands, belly and feet of the music.

The increased realism and fidelity of MQA mastered and encoded music recordings is such a paradigm shift, that many top studios, mastering engineers, producers, musicians are happily embracing MQA, often with sighs of relief as this is what their music was meant to sound like.

As MQA is compatible with existing formats, standards, infrastructure; here is what you need to do to enjoy the incredible fidelity of MQA:

Absolutely nothing.

Except, relax and enjoy the incredible fidelity that MQA offers. To get the full benefits, known as unfolding and rendering MQA, if you are so inclined as an audiophile, there are many MQA certified audio DACs, streamers, all in one players available. Consult your local dealer (audio that is!) and have an audition.

It should be pointed out that 33 Bowls has no fiscal or other remuneration from MQA. It's just love of good music, intact to the listener.


Here's the deal: I've met Bob Stuart, spent some time in a social setting breaking bread and sharing stories. In spite of such limelight, he is kind and humble, a wide bandwidth, multi faceted, yet down to earth genius who genuinely has a love, a passion for music. The legendary genius Keith O. Johnson, whom I have also had the pleasure of spending time with, looks up to Bob Stuart as smart, very smart. As to credibility, Bob Stuart is a recent recipient of the Prince Philip Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering, for his pioneering work in advancement of digital audio reproduction, which became MQA. The Royal Academy of Engineering does not take considerations for the Prince Philip Medal lightly; there is considerable gravitas behind such an award. Bob Stuart joins the list of esteemed innovators as the first and only recipient in the field of audio. Trying to nitpick, second guess or outsmart Bob Stuart (or Peter Craven) is as futile as trying to out punch Mike Tyson, or out listen Bob Ludwig. They know what they are doing. None of the detractors, no matter how shrill they shill, have that kind of track record on their resume.

Link to The Royal Academy of Engineering award

Link to some light reading, an AES paper by Bob Stuart and Peter Craven documenting the genesis of MQA

Link to set of AES papers from 2019

Link to MQA, about MQA

Quote from Bob Stuart:

"MQA has shifted the perspective and frame-of-reference so we need only consider how to deliver the highest sound quality with astonishing clarity and transparency. By designing for human listeners (instead of scientific instruments) and for real music (instead of artificial signals) we were able to put all the available power of digital delivery into a human-appropriate system that values time over frequency, that preserves micro-dynamics by enforcing a lower and stable noise-floor, that identifies the whole music and delivers it intact, but that does not waste energy on artifacts of technology."

An automobile analogy:

MQA compared to previous digital audio is like comparing a Tesla S Plaid to an internal combustion engine car: an entirely new and greatly improved experience. Not everyone will get it, but those who do are in for an exhilarating treat.

MQA all the way.

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Deep Gratitude to countless generations of Artisans
who listened to the Grand Muse; who practiced,
even mastered the Art of expressing the resonance
and coherence of the Universal Aum;
who crafted these and other Singing Bowls.

Your memory lives on.