What they say (in quasi random order):

Although these are mostly nice words (much appreciated), you don't have to take anybody's word for this: listen to the entire recording yourself. Streaming audio players (albiet at lower fidelity than downloads and CDs, but you get the idea) are on the 33 Bowls homepage.

" This man was "connected" to something from somewhere else when [he] did this. I love this music. "

M. E. Benton

" If 33 Bowls' first CD was amazing, this one is otherworldly. I was taken on a wave of music and felt as if the musician's creation and my experience were a shared dream. At times I felt as if I were in the belly of a primordial cave, lying naked on the ground, with a portal at the top of the cave opening to a dark, star-filled sky. I was - unexpectedly, pleasantly - lifted out of my deep trance from time to time by the clear, crisp tone of the higher-pitched bowls. There are a lot of the larger, deeper tones as well, and each of these vibrant bowls are in tune with the set as a whole. (It's also on the Solfeggio scale.) I have never heard a set of Tibetan bowls before or after that sound this delicious! This recording is filled with lots and lots of "reverberations" and headphones are the best way to get the full effect. Breather and breath become one. Excellent choice for meditation, massage, neurofeedback, and more. "

Sage Dakota

" Definitely this is the best performance and recording of singing bowls that I have ever heard -- and I've heard a fair number of recordings. "

" Among the growing number of excellent recordings of Tibetan singing
bowls, 33 Bowls soars and stands out as a sonic masterwork.
This is understatement, rather than hyperbole, as Hans'
compositions, deeply intuitive and spiritual as they are, are subtly structured
like a musical Pythagorean braid, imbued with as much Reason as feeling.
What I perceive is not another talented New Age dilettante creating trance
music to zone out the listener, but a brilliant composer and technician whose
mastery of the intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects of music has created
works that will delight those seeking "vibrational medicine" as well as those
who appreciate "classical" music. The production itself is technically
flawless: tonal resonance and a quiet, almost fugal complexity underlie the soothing
oceanic flow of sound. And this comes forth with crystal clarity. Others have produced excellent recordings with the bowls, but Hans plays these with a deep respect for their sound
and their antiquity, evoking (and invoking) past masters of these sacred instruments. With
these recordings, he becomes a living part of that lineage. "

David Bell

" The 33 Bowls sound is exquisite. I design, engineer, and produce entrainment tracks professionally for companies who market them as their own. If you are someone who has ever worked with brainwave entrainment before, you have almost certainly heard some of my work. The thing that 33 Bowls gets right is to use recordings in their more raw form. In my productions, I have worked with traditional healers from Tibet who utilize singing bowls. The way you hear bowls played on 33 Bowls is very much the way you would hear bowls played if you were to be treated by a healer in Tibet.

Purely digital recordings produced in a studio sound overly sterile. In fact, when mastering many such recordings, the engineer often applies analogue filters in an effort to put back some of the harmonics and "imperfections" found naturally in raw recordings. I use natural sounds in my own works wherever possible, some of which have "imperfections" in them. These are, in my professional judgement, far more organic and natural to the ear than the sterile approach used in purely digital creations.

So, expect the odd sound here and there in 33 Bowls, just as you would expect the occasional sound that arises in the environment wherever you listen to music. Unless you live in a soundproof box, you will have ambient noises that interject themselves into your listening from time to time. For the most part, our ears simply incorporate these into the overall listening experience with very little notice paid to them. The same will be true of the 33 Bowls recordings if the listener gives them half a chance.

Setting aside the ambient sound artifacts for a moment, 33 Bowls has been recorded exceptionally well. It is surprisingly difficult to achieve lengthy recordings of singing bowls that are smooth and consistent in sound quality. I have recorded them myself, and can attest to this fact from experience. I can only imagine how many attempts it must have taken to get bowl recordings of this length and quality.

Tibetan bowls are among a select group of percussion instruments which produce sounds that have an enormous range of harmonics in them. Of all the instruments I have recorded, only the didgeridoo comes even close to a well made Tibetan singing bowl in terms of the harmonics it produces. The tones of singing bowls are currently being used by some major university hospitals (sorry, names are not permitted,) for a variety of purposes, such as the recovery of surgical patients, and in cancer treatments. The exact mechanism by which they are thought to facilitate treatments and recovery is not known, but some researchers believe it is related to their richness in harmonics. Time will tell if this turns out to be the case or not. The unprocessed sounds of the bowls in 33 Bowls reproduces these harmonics almost as well as being there when the bowls were played. I can only suppose they would act as support in fostering a natural healing environment, though as noted, this has not yet been proven conclusively.

So, to the producers of 33 Bowls, my hat is off to you. This was a job very well done. And to any potential purchaser, 33 Bowls has my heart-felt recommendation. "

Jasper T.

" My mind is just too active to meditate much - I have tried. This is the only thing that makes meditation possible for me. As the sound of the bowls fades, I follow it. If my mind drifts, then the striking of a bowl will draw it back again. Not too many new-agey, superfluous sounds. It's perfect. "


" A primordial space opens up while listening to the Morning track. It is pure and rare to hear such crispness in digital format that the ears and mind allow manifestations from it without rejection. I do feel incredibly humble and want to say thank you for re-introducing the natural state of consciousness from hearing natural sound in composition. I now understand that my true ears and mind have been closed to the world for the majority of my life and appropriately so in our unnatural state.
Thank you for your hard work however and your spiritual brilliance in making this composition. May you rest in the immortal essence that you have sought and shared along with everyone else who hears it. "

anon via bandcamp

" The open vessel flows with transient perfection, ephemeral, exquisite & irridescent. Varied rich harmonic tones create a shimmering cascade of sound producing an exquisite relaxed feeling of wellbeing that is sheer bliss. Listen to the soothing sound and follow it into the silence. "

Susan Delaney

" I fell in love with the sound of Tibetan singing bowls walking around the Barkor in Lhasa, but knew it would be pointless to take one home if I couldn't get anything more than a single tone out of it. And I missed it so, until I found this recording [ via @twitter ]. Now, one artfully played singing bowl is enough to induce a placid sense of thoughtless introspection, so this chorus of thirty three is just magic. I've been listening to a 33bowls track for some time now: a 45[ish]-minute long track set on repeat is what I always choose for my home ashtanga yoga practice, because it soothes without distracting (you can hear it without listening). Also makes for wonderful listening when transiting to and from yoga classes - replacing the din of the city with the background of rainfall - and could probably send even an inveterate insomniac to sleep, if that's what ails you.

It's totally "Organic Heavy Metal". Can't wait for this to be widely available to everyone :)

Thank you so, 
and om.

Olivia "

Olivia McDowell

" Amazing...
A vibratory offering that brings you to your ecstatic stillness in sound and silence. "

Debra Gangale

" Very grounding, focusing. Excellent. "

Christine Delorey

" So soothing...33bowls is such a moving sound--I'm stunned by the way these bowls resonate in ways that I can feel physically. I'm amazed at the power of this music, and at this price? It's absolutely a must-have. "

Heather Burdette

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