33bowls --- High Resolution Tibetan Singing Bowl Recordings

The first 33 Bowls recording brought you to into the room with a collection of pitch-matched antique metal singing bowls; this second one, entitled Breathe, brings them to you. Closer, yet still accurate sonics and acoustics. Different from the first recording; complementary rather than a continuation or replacement. Extending the meme of "less is more," a single 74 minute sequence of a few minutes on each solfeggio tone or harmonic. Fuller bottom end, aka bass, and yet more subharmonic beats. Great with headphones. Still 100% organic heavy metal. 
33 Bowls recordings are done with great care to preserve coherence, nuance, textures, and subtlety at the beginning of the recording chain. There is no compression, limiting, equalization; none of the usual artifices are needed. The drone-like tones, the long sustains are natural, and are not manipulated electronically; that is what singing bowls do in their natural environment.

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